Return of the Pumpkin!

I’m back! It’s been roughly 3 years since I last posted on this blog. A lot has been going on! I graduated from graduate school with my masters and started a career as a counselor. I also had a son in September of 2016. Aside from being busy, computer issues have also kept me from updating this blog. However, my love for baking has not stopped. I want to revive this page and continue to test new recipes! Several years ago I started a trend of pumpkin recipes as a “homage” to the fall season. Since fall is back again, I figured I’d kick off my post with some pumpkin banana bread! Below is a picture and 2 recipes. I tried both recipes. They are similar but the main difference is the amount of pumpkin puree used and type of sugar used (white or light brown). Bread A was delicious but lacking in the pumpkin flavor I was hoping for. Bread B is a giveaway to my mother so I didn’t do a taste test.

I will continue to look for recipes and post more. I’m currently planning the menu for family Thanksgiving so I’m excited to try some new things. As an added twist, I made the shift to become vegetarian, and I have been eating accordingly for the past 2 months. Pinterest has become a great resource for vegetarian alternatives.


Bread A:

Bread B:

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